Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beet Won Tons

Since Becky was taking on the main dish with won ton wrappers which were thwarted by a broken oven, I figured I should do vegetables, and deep frying them seemed to be a great idea. 

Beet Won Tons

2 medium size beets
3 carrots
¼ onion
3 cloves garlic
24 won ton skins
2 oz asiago cheese, grated
1 egg white
½ t black pepper
celery salt
onion powder
garlic powder 

Grate beets, carrot, onion, and garlic.  Mix together in pot, add water, and boil until beets are softened but not mushy 

Add pepper and half the cheese to vegetable mixture.  Divide mixture into won ton skins and seal with egg wash. 

Deep fry won tons for 3 minutes or until golden.  Place on paper towel and sprinkle with cheese, celery salt, onion powder and garlic powder.  Let cool for 3 minutes and eat hot!

 This one pairs nicely with a Two Brothers Domaine DuPage or another sweet ale.

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